I am a Professor in Physical Geography at the University of Exeter, with over 25 years research experience in Earth System Science. My research focuses on the role of vegetation in the climate system.

I was principal developer of the LPJ model, the World’s most highly cited Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM), and was theme leader for plant physiology (2009-2011), vegetation dynamics and disturbance (2011-2014) and community experiments of the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator, JULES, the land component of the Hadley Centre climate model (UKESM). I have published extensively on plant physiology, vegetation dynamics, biogeochemical cycles, and ecosystem-atmosphere interactions.

I co-lead TRENDY, the international activity providing land flux estimates for the Global Carbon Project’s (GCP) annual carbon budget update, and GCP’s regional synthesis chapters.

Please see information on current research projects, group members, and publications.